Monday, May 2, 2016

Rilke Trail

Rilke Trail is a trail between Sistiana and Duino in Italy near Trieste and Slovenia.

Rilke Trail - Map
Rilke Trail is about 2 kilometers long and suitable for almost everyone. It is located above Duino Cliffs so all the time you will have a beautiful view of Gulf of Trieste and Duino Castle. On the way to Duino you will see also two old Military emplacements. One of them is especially interesting with cavern.

Rilke Trail (Italy)
 In Duino you must visit also beautiful Duino Castle with wonderful views, museum and bunker.

Duino Castle

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Attractions in Slovenia are moving

Yes, if you don't believe the biggest attractions in Slovenia are really moving.

See Postojna Cave, one of the most amazing caves in the world ...

Next place you must see in Slovenia is Ljubljana. Ljubljana is not so big as other capitals but that is goods cause you can around and see all interesting places without need to drive, call taxi, use public transport. Just walk, enjoy seeing sights, sit down and drink something in the summer heat, walk inside and visit some museum or go to park Tivoli. You will love Ljubljana, I am sure.

Another place you should see for sure is Lake Bled. It is a fairytale place. Lake, island with church, castle above lake, mountains behind. In summer you can even swim in lake. Rent a boat and go around lake.

You want more? Visit animated Slovenia with more animated sights like Piran, Bohinj, Soca River, Velika Planina, etc.

Friday, January 30, 2015

What to see in Slovenia

If your time is very limited and you wanted to get best of Slovenia then this article is the right for you. I prepared a short list of places worth to see in Slovenia. I assumed that you are interesting in everything so not just nature or just towns or just shopping.


When I walk in Ljubljana I see a lot of tourists so I can confirm that Ljubljana is the most visited place in Slovenia except maybe during summer holidays. Ljubljana is a nice small capital where you can see almost everything on your feet. So you don't need to worry about local transport, taxi drivers, etc.

In Ljubljana you should take time to visit:
  • the old town center around the Ljubljanica River - There you will find many small bridges for walkers, bars, restaurants, small shops, etc. You should see famous Triple Bridge, take a boat on Ljubljanica River, visit some museum, church, etc.

  • Ljubljana Castle - You can't miss it because it is on the hill above the old town centre. There are many ways to come to the castle. If you don't like to walk uphill you can use funicular. Don't forget to climb on the tower where is wonderful view of Ljubljana and far neighbourhood.

  • Tivoli Park - It's a nice escape in the nature despite it is just a few minutes from the old town centre. If you wish you can climb on hill above the Tivoli Park. Not so far away is Ljubljana ZOO.


Bled with its lake and castle about it is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia and also in the world.

Bled offers you a lot of thing to do. I would mention some of them:

  • Lake Bled - Walk around the Lake Bled. It is about 6 kms of easy path just near the lake so you will have wonderful view of the lake and island. In summer times you can refresh in the lake.
  • Bled Castle - It is located on the rocky hill above the lake. You can come to the castle with car but I suggest you to walk. Inside the castle is restaurant and museum. And there is also amazing view of the lake and surrounding.
  • Bled Island - Visit Bled Island with special boat called "Pletna" or even better rent a boat. Don't forget to ring a bell in the church.
  • Spas - You can visit some spa where offers massages or sauna centres.
  •  Hills around lake - Climb on some hill around the lake like Straza, Osojnica or Ojstrica. There are wonderful views and really worth to see.


Piran is probably the most scenic town in Slovenia. It is old mediterranean town with old buildings, narrow streets.

There are many things to do there:

  • Tartini Square - The main square with beautiful buildings all around.
  • Discover old narrow streets
  • Town Walls - Climb on town walls above the city. You will be rewarded with amazing views on town and sea.
  • Visit some church, the biggest is St. George Church above the town
  • In summer you can find places to swim

Postojna Cave

Postojna Cave is the world famous cave. It is the biggest Slovenia attraction so you should see it at least once.

First part of the visit is amazing train ride where you can see underground world with nice stalactites. Don't forget to see also the human fish. Don't worry about your look, human fish can't see you cause it is blind. If you visit Postojna Cave I would highly recommend to see also Predjama Castle.

Velika Planina

Velika Planina is maybe not so famous but I love it. See why ...

There are special pastoral cottages and behind you can enjoy in views of Alps. It is great place for families to walk around meadows and breath fresh mountain air.

Above is just a short list of places but Slovenia offers much more.
Here you can find more Highlights of Slovenia.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Koper is the biggest town on the Slovenian coast. It has long history and that's why beautiful old town centre. It used to lie on the island. Later sea was pushed away so there is no island anymore. The most beautiful square is Titov trg (Tito's square) where you can see loggia, cathedral, church tower, Pretorian palace and other big buildings. Where ever you will walk inside the old town centre of Koper you will see old beautiful buildings and other nice details that shows us reach history of Koper.

Koper offers everything you need for modern life. Most roads around the town are well developed with many rondos. Around the old town you will find a lot of shopping centres. Along the coast are nice walking promenades. There is also small beach that can be quite crowded in summer months.

Koper doesn't have so much hotels but anyway you can find some hotels and other accommodation options there.

Koper has also one of the biggest ports in that part of Europe where each day big ships convey their shipment.

Beside Koper there are also other towns worth to see on Slovenia coast like Piran, Izola or Portoroz. Hinterland of Koper offers you nice walking or biking trails, old castles, churches, villages, etc. Not far away from Koper is Trieste (Italy).

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Portoroz is one of the most interesting towns on Slovenia coast and for sure most touristic. It can be said also as Slovenia Monaco. Portoroz has many hotels, apartments, rooms so you will not get a problem to find suitable for you. Koper, Izola and Piran have nice old town centres but Portoroz is more modern with big beach and road avenue a bit away. In Portoroz you will find many bars where you can drink beer, wine, coctails and of course other drinks. Alaya is one of the most popular for night life. In Portoroz you will not find some really special cultural-historical sights but at least from distance it is worth to see Kempinski Palace Hotel. For music and other events you should visti Portoroz Auditorium. The most interesting town on the beach Piran is not far away so you can even walk from Portoroz to Piran almost all the way along the sea.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Postojna Cave

Postojna Cave is the most famous tourist attraction in Slovenia. It is world known cave that attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world. It lies south about 50 kilometers from Ljubljana so it is perfect also for a daily trip if you are staying in Ljubljana. Postojna Cave is located near town Postojna. One of the most attractive thing inside the cave is train ride through the wonderful underground world. I am sure you will not regret to see this. Inside the cave you can see also Human fish animal and many different stalactites. The temperature in the cave is all time year constant, about 10C. So be prepared to wear some jacket in summer. Near the cave entrance is the nice park where you can walk along the Pivka River and see the mill.

If you visit Postojna Cave you should see also Predjama Castle.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Bled Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge is located near Bled and it is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia. It is about 2 kilometers long gorge where you walk on galleries above the Radovna brook so trail is really attractive. At the end of the gorge is waterfall Sum. If you visit Bled you have to visit also Vintgar Gorge cause it is not so far away and it is worth of the visit. But you should know that Vingar Gorge is closed during winter time cause it can be danger because of stones falling down. So usually it opens in April but better to check before.