Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Attractions in Slovenia are moving

Yes, if you don't believe the biggest attractions in Slovenia are really moving.

See Postojna Cave, one of the most amazing caves in the world ...

Next place you must see in Slovenia is Ljubljana. Ljubljana is not so big as other capitals but that is goods cause you can around and see all interesting places without need to drive, call taxi, use public transport. Just walk, enjoy seeing sights, sit down and drink something in the summer heat, walk inside and visit some museum or go to park Tivoli. You will love Ljubljana, I am sure.

Another place you should see for sure is Lake Bled. It is a fairytale place. Lake, island with church, castle above lake, mountains behind. In summer you can even swim in lake. Rent a boat and go around lake.

You want more? Visit animated Slovenia with more animated sights like Piran, Bohinj, Soca River, Velika Planina, etc.